“I have known Helena for over 3 years now. Give that she has over 10 years in the Bridal and Formal wear industry it is refreshing that she is now taking on the copycats and cheats so small business can survive and thrive. Recognising that there is no copyright protection for fashion designs, she has targeted the designers dress images and photographs which are protected! Clever approach and one that has met with huge success in getting stolen images taken off of Facebook Pages, websites and even eBay. While designers being coped will never end, at least it is time to fight back and the White Knight in all of this is Helena”.

Monte Huebsch
CEO, Www.Aussieweb.com.au

“Helena has worked with Hills In Hollywood who are the Australian and New Zealand representatives for Allure Bridals, Nightmoves Prom and Barijay for nearly 8 years now working in all aspects of the bridal and formal industry. In the last 3 years she has progressed to reporting for our Intellectual Property on Facebook. She has taken down thousands of photos and closed many sites while representing us. Our stores have noticed a marked increase in sales and love the peace of mind of having someone to report on their behalf with great results. Hills In Hollywood has the upmost respect for what Helena is doing for small business.”

Gayle Clark
Director, International Gowns Pty Ltd


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